Brass Compression Fittings

Your trusted partner for high-quality, custom-made brass compression fittings

Union Fittings & Ferrule

We understand that each industry has unique challenges. That’s why we don’t just produce brass compression fittings – we provide custom solutions. Partner with us and experience the difference our specialized service can make in your operations.

PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene) fittings are typically used in plumbing applications and come in various types. Here are some of the commonly used brass PEX fittings

  • Straight Couplings
  • Reducing Couplings
  • 90-Degree Elbow
  • 45-Degree Elbow
  • Tee Fittings
  • Reducing Tee
  • Cross Fittings
  • Cap Fittings
  • Plug Fittings
  • Union Fittings
  • Ferrule Fittings

Rise Above the Challenges with Our Custom-Designed Brass Compression Fittings

  • Plumbing & HVAC: We produce fittings capable of withstanding high pressures and diverse fluid types, ensuring you get a leak-free, durable performance for your systems.
  • Oil & Gas: Navigate harsh environments and corrosive substances with our resilient brass compression fittings, engineered to weather the toughest conditions in oilfields and offshore platforms.
  • Automotive: Drive efficiency with our compact and robust fittings, designed to withstand vibrations and harsh automotive fluids without compromising on performance.
  • Marine: Stay afloat with our corrosion-resistant brass compression fittings, created to endure the saline environments and pressure changes associated with marine applications.
  • Manufacturing: Ensure hygiene and compliance with our high-grade fittings, suitable for the stringent standards of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Agriculture: Withstand temperature variations, chemical exposure, and rough handling with our sturdy and reliable brass compression fittings tailored for agricultural needs.
  • Medical & Laboratory: Prioritize safety and reliability with our precision-made fittings, engineered for various gases and fluids in sensitive medical and laboratory environments.
  • Construction: Build reliability into your projects with our durable and easy-to-install brass compression fittings, designed to withstand heavy-duty use and outdoor elements.

Elbow:Used when a 45-degree turn is needed

Cross: These fittings have four openings in different directions and are used to connect four pipes.

Ferrule: These are ring-shaped fittings used to form a seal between the pipe and the fitting for a leak-proof connection

Union: This is used to connect three pipes, but in this case, the pipe connected to the middle of the tee fitting has a smaller diameter

Tee: These are used to either combine or split the flow of the fluid. They are designed to connect three pipes.

Cap: These fittings are used to close the end of a pipe