Custom Brass Forge Parts

Meeting Industry Challenges with Custom Brass Forge Parts

Union Fittings & Ferrule

In the face of industry challenges, Guoyu Brass rises to the occasion. Our custom-crafted brass forge parts aren’t just components; they’re robust solutions meticulously engineered to not only meet but surpass your unique requirements.

We Forge All Types of Brass Components:

  • Brass Precision Connectors
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Brass Specialized Valves
  • Brass High-Strength Fittings
  • Brass Custom Engineered Components
  • Brass Intricate Automotive Parts
  • Brass Heavy-Duty Industrial Solutions
  • Brass Architectural Hardware

Custom Brass Solutions for Every Industry:

  • Automotive: Drive forward confidently with our precision-crafted brass parts. Engineered to endure vibrations, high temperatures, and corrosive automotive fluids, we ensure your vehicle’s performance is never compromised.
  • Aerospace: Soar to new heights with our aerospace-grade brass components. Built to meet strict quality and safety standards, our parts excel in the most demanding aerospace applications.
  • Marine: Navigate marine challenges with our corrosion-resistant brass forge parts. Designed to withstand saline environments and pressure fluctuations, our solutions keep your operations afloat.
  • Medical & Healthcare: Trust in our biocompatible brass components for medical instruments and devices. Our materials are safe for use in contact with the human body, ensuring the highest standards of patient care.
  • Construction: Elevate your architectural projects with our durable and aesthetically pleasing brass components. From door hardware to decorative elements, we offer the quality you can rely on.
  • Oil & Gas: Conquer the harshest conditions with our robust brass forge parts. Engineered to endure corrosive substances and tough environments, Guoyu Brass delivers reliability where it matters most.
  • Electrical & Electronics: Connect with precision using our brass components in electrical and electronic applications. Benefit from excellent electrical conductivity and durability.
  • Industrial Machinery: Enhance your industrial machinery with our heavy-duty brass parts. Built to withstand heavy loads and high-stress environments, we ensure your equipment operates smoothly.

Automotive: New productsAuto partsAutomotive battery cable terminals

Aerospace: Custom machining aircraft aluminum aerospace 7075 aluminum wheel and Brass machine tool parts

Construction: Handmade cast new appearance door knocker

Medical & Healthcare: Copper pin,medical beauty connector 1.5soldering wire terminal male and female copper pin

Marine: Custom high quality Tin bronze hot forging metal parts boat parts marine hardware

Electrical & Electronics: Custom brass, copper, steel, metal battery clip, terminal parts, leaf spring electrical contacts to PCB